So I’m Running the NY Marathon…

by stephancox

Hey, STSM-ers! First off, let me thank you for being a part of what is, let’s face it, a pretty ridiculous journey I’m embarking on. I mean, I’m choosing to do this, to actually take myself way outside of my comfort zone, on purpose. But a big reason I feel the courage to do the things I’m setting out to do is because I know that even if I flop flat on my face, I can come here and tell you all about it. That means a lot. So again, thanks.

Okay, so, progress: Thus far, I’ve taken the plunge on a couple of the items on my list, namely the marathon and improv. I’ve been training for a couple months now for the New York Marathon, which is on November 6th, and yesterday, I completed a 16-mile run as part of the training. I’m hoping to hit a specific time for the actual race, and so far, so good (I don’t want to list the actual time for a couple reasons: first, if it seems fast to you, then that’s bragging. And if it seems slow to you, then I’m a lame-wad. Also, if I don’t hit that time on race day, I can keep it to myself. That said, if you’re curious, email me and I’ll tell you).

Let me also say that I have, without question, the World’s Greatest Running Buddy. Seriously. My lovely and incredible wife, Lori Culwell, has taken it upon herself to be not only my nutrition coach, but also (and this is way above and beyond), on my long runs, she drives ahead three to four miles to meet me there with Gatorade, gel packets, water and the like. Then, when I’m done, she makes a list of everything I consumed so we know what works. Pretty amaze-balls, right? I couldn’t do this without her. Big ups!

On separate note, I’ll be taking my third improv class at UCB tonight, and I think I’m doing okay. For the most part. I mean, I have my moments where I get it, and moments where I totally suck. But what’s nice about my instructor, Ari Voukidis, is that he creates an environment in which it’s okay to suck, which is naturally what everyone does when they first learn improv. So it’s par for the course. Side note: I tried improv once before, about nine years ago, and my instructor (who you would know and is on TV) was such a total non-supportive dick-hole that it put me off improv until now. You can also email me about that and I’ll tell you who it is.

Also, I’m sure I’m the oldest guy in the class. In fact, I’d bet I’m the oldest guy in ALL the classes. But you know what? Screw it. No one seems to care, so I’m not going to sweat it. I looked over Ari’s shoulder during the first class as he was making notes about each student so he could remember his or her names, and next to my name, he wrote “Hat. Chin beard. Clean cut.” I’m still parsing out what “clean cut” means next to “chin beard,” but ultimately I’m just happy he didn’t write “bald” or “old.”

So there we go. Oh, and I scheduled a mud run for October. More on that later…