Happy 2012! (Now What?)

by stephancox

In years past, like many people on New Years Eve, I’ve made resolutions, things I’d like to accomplish, improve, cease doing, etc. But this year is different. Why? Because I have made the egregiously foolish mistake of declaring my list of resolutions online, in public, in front of God and everyone. My list of Shit That Scares Me. Now I’m committed. There’s no backing out. What the hell have I done?

And since I’ve only managed to knock just two of these babies off my list before the end of 2011, and since I’ve promised myself that I’ve going to complete every item before the end of 2012, I need to get my ass in gear. Therefore, here, for January anyway, is the game plan:

  1. Beginning on January 1st, I start my month without sugar and (oh my good lord) beer. Why am I not choosing to do this in February, a month that is shorter by three days? Because apparently I am a masochist.
  2. I’ve already begun the Rosetta Stone program for French, which my lovely wife got me for Christmas. And I’ll be signing up for a French conversation group when I get back to NYC, so I’d love any suggestions. It occurs to me that I’m not really going to know how and when I’ve completed my goal of language acquisition, but I’m planning on taking a solo trip to Montreal this year, and maybe if I can maintain an entire conversation with someone in French that doesn’t involve where the bathroom is, I’ll put it in the win column.
  3. I’m starting my novel in a couple days. And by starting, I mean I’m going to take a week or so to compile all of my notes over the last couple years. After that, I’ll jump into the writing in earnest. Truth be told, I’m giving myself a few days off from creativity, as I’ve just completed my 365-day creativity marathon, the Thing a Day Project.
  4. I’m cracking open “Ulysses” tomorrow. It’s good timing, because I just finished another doorstop of a book, “1Q84” by Haruki Murakmi. (And how did I like said book? Please see Janet Maslin’s review, which pretty much sums up my feelings verbatim)

Okay, that’s four. That should keep me busy for January, at least. Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a fearless 2012!