Naturally, I had to give myself some boundaries. Here they are:

  • Nothing that would permanently injure myself or another person (yes, many of these activities have risk of injury involved, but it’s a calculated risk)
  • Nothing that would lead to arrest
  • Nothing that would leave a permanent scar or mark (i.e., no tattoos, piercings)
  • Nothing that costs more than $1000

Over the course of the next year or so, I’ll be blogging regularly about my experiences as I take on these challenges. I’ll be posting photos. And at the end, I’ll give myself a grade. Don’t worry; I’m not afraid to grade myself honestly. If I don’t wind up doing the thing, for whatever reason, I’ll get an F. But I can guarantee that I will be attempting to do each and every one of these things on my list of Stuff That Scares Me.