Why Am I Blogging About This?

The reason I’m blogging during this process is for a very self-serving purpose, but probably not for the one you’re thinking of. I’m not doing it because I think my life and my adventures are so fascinating and amazing and that everyone should pay rapt attention to me and how brave and awesome I am; No, it’s far more self-serving than that. See, as I go about doing the items on the list, I may fail miserably, particularly with the stuff like standup, improv, and the like. But even if I totally stink it up and fall on my face and make an ass out of myself, I can still come home to my trusty blog and cry to you about it. So there will at least be a decent story. Therefore, I can’t really fail, because the experience, no matter how bad, can still be used as blog fodder. So, then, I guess, here’s the part where I say: thanks for reading this. I really, truly appreciate it. You’re like my safety net.